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Property description

Sawayaka Obatake Nibankan is a freehold 3-storey paid short stay/day care home consisting of 26 units.

Well nestled in a conducive residential area, the Property is approximately 2.5km from JR line "Kokura" Station.

Key Statistics

Land Tenure Freehold
Land Area 1,047 sq m
Floor Area 1,538 sq m
Number of Units (Rooms) 26 short stay/ day care rooms
Year of Completion 2007
Committed Occupancy 100%
Name of Lessee (s) K.K. Sawayaka Club
Appraised Value (as at 31 December 2023) ¥ 404 million (S$3.7 million)1
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  1. The property was valued by Cushman & Wakefield K.K using the Direct Capitalisation and Discounted Cash Flow Methods. Based on an exchange rate of S$1.00 to JPY 107.5.