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Property description

Maison des Centenaire Hannan is a freehold 3-storey paid nursing home consisting of 95 units.

Located in a residential area on a hilltop with a panoramic view of Osaka bay, in the suburb of Hannan City of Osaka Prefecture. The Property is approximately 3,700m to Nankai Electric Railway Nankai main Line "Hakotsukuri Station".

Key Statistics

Land Tenure Freehold
Land Area 7,827 sq m
Floor Area 4,331 sq m
Number of Units (Rooms) 95
Year of Completion 2010
Committed Occupancy 100%
Name of Lessee (s) Miyako Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Appraised Value (as at 31 December 2021) ¥2,020 million (S$ 24.0 million)1
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  1. The property was valued by CBRE K.K. using the Direct Capitalisation and Discounted Cash Flow Methods. Based on an exchange rate of S$1.00 to JPY 84.17.