Trust Structure

Structure of PLife REIT

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between PLife REIT, the Manager, the Trustee and the Unitholders:

1 Refers to the properties acquired by the Trust, whether directly or indirectly held through the ownership of special purpose vehicles. In Singapore, the ownership of the properties is held directly by the Trustee. In Malaysia, the ownership of the properties is held indirectly by the Trustee. In Japan, the ownership of the properties is held through the Tokumei Kumiai (“TK”) structure. Under the TK structure, the Trustee will, through its wholly-owned subsidiary incorporated under Singapore laws, enter into TK agreement (or silent partnership agreement) as TK investor (“TK investor”) with a company incorporated under Japanese laws known as TK operator (“TK operator”). The TK operator is a company similar to a limited liability company in Singapore whereby the TK investor is only liable to the extent of its contribution to the TK operator. Under the TK agreement, the TK investor shall inject funds to the TK operator and the TK operator will acquire and own the property. Further details of the TK structure are set out in the relevant past announcements.