Targeted Investment

As PLife REIT continues to be on the lookout for high-quality, yield-accretive acquisition opportunities in the region, it remains discerning and prudent in its approach of acquiring assets that are not only value -generating, but also preserve the long-term defensiveness of the overall portfolio.

Partnership and Clustering Approach

PLife REIT’s two-pronged investment strategy for the region ensures its portfolio grows in an efficient and sustainable manner. Firstly, it seeks and builds strategic long-term partnerships with quality local operators, which allows PLife REIT to benefit from their experience and deep local knowledge in their respective markets. Secondly, PLife REIT seeks to expand its footprint in growing healthcare markets, particularly countries which it has already invested in, to unlock value from optimized/non-core assets into good strategic assets and to achieve economies of scale and more effective portfolio management.

Leveraging on its strategic partnerships and clustering approach, PLife REIT aims to establish a self-sustainable "healthcare ecosystem", comprising a comprehensive range of high-quality healthcare facilities, in the long run. Through offering integrated healthcare facilities catering to both operators and end-users, PLife REIT would be better equipped to capture the burgeoning regional demand for more sophisticated healthcare infrastructure and services.

Strengthening our Foothold in the Region

Robust demand for healthcare services and facilities in the region presents growth opportunities for PLife REIT to expand its footprint in the region. Committed to delivering continuous and sustainable growth for its Unitholders, PLife REIT seeks to optimise its portfolio constitution to ensure diversified revenue sources and maximum portfolio performance.

To-date, having achieved a good asset size in Japan, PLife REIT continues to be a beneficiary of the rising demand for quality senior care services and living facilities there. Moving forward, PLife REIT looks to fortify its market position and will continue to explore yield-accretive acquisition opportunities in Japan.

PLife REIT currently has a presence in Malaysia through its acquisition of strata titled units / lots within Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, which is strategically located in a well-known medical precinct and enjoys high occupancy with a good tenancy profile. This acquisition marks PLife REIT’s first foray into Malaysia and is representative of its long-term strategy to establish a significant presence in growing healthcare markets, such as Malaysia, to enhance its portfolio diversity.