Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Philosophy

Parkway Life REIT is committed to conducting all our business activities with the highest standards of professionalism, corporate governance and business integrity, in accordance with the regulations and best practices in our countries and areas of operation. We hold in high regard the ethical, humanitarian and environmental aspects in all that we do as a responsible corporate citizen.

As a real estate investment trust, PLife REIT focuses on investing in hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare-related assets. While our business is in making yield-accretive investments and delivering Unitholder value, we recognise that being in the healthcare industry intrinsically connects us to the well-being of people and the community, who form the core of PLife REIT's Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") philosophy.

Our Commitment

PLife REIT is committed to:

  • Being a good corporate citizen with a heart for the environment and community
  • Fostering stronger ties with our key stakeholders including our partners, staff, and residents at our healthcare facilities
  • Engaging the local community in our market of operations, to share our knowledge and contribute to the long-term overall development of the elderly care market in the region